Cartiomon Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Clinic in London

The Cartiomon Psychotherapy Clinic on Harley Street, London.

The Cartiomon Psychotherapy Clinic on Harley Street, London

At the Cartiomon psychotherapy clinic in Central London we specialize in the psychoanalytic approach to therapy for mental and emotional health. The psychoanalytic process involves subjecting patients to various psychological stimuli and using their responses to diagnose health issues and develop a treatment plan.

Psychoanalytic therapy has its roots in Ancient Greece, where philosophers and physicians would observe the behavior of individuals with apparent mental illnesses in certain situations in an effort to better understand their affliction.

Sigmund Freud expanded upon these vague analytic practices of the Ancient World and laid the foundation for psychoanalytic therapy to become the first specific school of modern psychotherapy.

Today, therapists and behavioral scientists like us, in London and all over the world, use state of the art technology to implement the psychoanalytic process. Philippe Jacquet’s was the first London psychotherapy practice¬†to introduce these revolutionary techniques; now many of us London based therapists do so as well. We employ sophisticated apparatus that subjects individuals to a variety of visual, audio and physical stimuli while monitoring their brainwave patterns.

When this analysis is complete, we have a detailed idea of how your brain reacts positively and negatively to different external stimuli. We then begin the treatment process of repeating the stimuli that triggered the positive neural responses over the course of several weeks. During this time, your mind will gain added strength and focus which will improve your ability to cope with whatever mental or emotional stresses are affecting you in your life.